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An Unraveling, Secession, or WWIII?

16 days ago

In a recent article, Alistair Crooke quotes former Israeli diplomat Alon Pinkas, who observes that Israel is in early stages of a civil war between the secular, modern Israel and the “Jewish-supremacist, ultranationalist” theocratic Israel. The vision of Israel cherished by each side is very different, and each side is increasingly unable to grant the other legitimacy of argument.Israel was and remains held together by fear and hate of a common enemy. This condition is predictable for any nation at war, so predictable it leads to widely-accepted revisionist history that suggests politicians will indeed predictably seek war to prevent internal political collapse.The current MICIMATT plans, outlines and demands a US-initiated war with Russia and China as the new

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Word of the Day: Performative

April 26, 2024

The western media are, above all, phraseologists. Managing massive vertically integrated “states” requires the controlled and targeted use of repetitive government approved language, propaganda, jingoism, repeated phrases to channel thought and energy.We’ve seen a lot of “performative” progressivism in recent years – Black Lives Matter and reparations from the Civil War, incessant genderology above the fold, Trump Derangement Syndrome, tomato soup weilding environmental activism, and DEI departments in every company, corporate board, and investment portfolio.Each of these has consumed and wasted the mental, spiritual, and physical energy of millions of people. Thankfully all are fading in their usefulness to the state. Yet these performative movements were

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When Proxy Wars Come Home

March 29, 2024

If we look long enough and hard enough, we might find an example of something in the US is not by the state, of the state and for the state.  But it’s becoming more difficult.We live, if we live in the US, within a reverberating echo chamber of the bits of US foreign policy we can observe and understand.  Those bits relate mainly to trade wars, monetary wars, and proxy wars.  Each of these overtly externally directed “wars” echo in American streets and towns, across the land and into the center of all urban areas – where the real war against American interests is being fought.US bipartisan foreign policy demands trade wars!   This promotes autarky, which requires heavy government subsidization, that drives heavy taxation, reduces private money, liberty and

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Biden Juiced Up, Ready To Go

March 13, 2024

Maybe he was born with it; maybe it’s amphetamine.  Iconic Maybelline slogan aside, the consensus is that Dark Brandon was doped nicely for his State of the Union address.We have been seeing signs that old Joe is medically prepped for major public appearances.  His shrill voice and barely suppressed rage is familiar to many of us who have elderly demented friends and relatives.  The man is suffering, no doubt.The Bidens have staked a claim on public welfare, via graft, vice, and connections, so I don’t worry about his health care now or post-presidency.  He will have the best drugs and round-the-clock nursing care that money can buy if he makes it to retirement.   It’s the public welfare of the nation that I’m more worried about, and I largely agree with Colonel

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What Can We Learn from the Latest Pentagon Audit? Both Plenty and Not Much

February 26, 2024

Another Pentagon audit, another massive failure. But the Pentagon’s problems are not just simple accounting. They reflect the reality of an unaccountable rogue empire that tries to prop up the US empire.
Original Article: What Can We Learn from the Latest Pentagon Audit? Both Plenty and Not Much

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What Can We Learn from the Latest Pentagon Audit? Both Plenty and Not Much

February 9, 2024

No one was surprised last November when the Pentagon failed its sixth audit, serving up a sorry record of zero and six. The accomplishment received little mainstream media coverage. Scott Ritter excoriated his former employer (and mine) over the fraud, pointing out that the money wasted and the scope of the United States military activity is so massive, it is nearly incomprehensible to most Americans.
Ritter points out that audits are done by accountants, and while failing these audits is undesirable, passing them also means very little. His assessment? “When you allocate money to a system that has been allowed to become conditioned to operate without accountability, don’t be surprised when the shiny mansion on the hill you thought you were buying turns out to be

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The Regime Plans More for Us Than Just Hillary Clinton’s “Deprogramming” Demands

October 11, 2023

This week, Hillary Clinton publicly proposed “formal deprogramming” for MAGA enthusiasts, piling on a repeated President Biden theme of trying to deal with “an extremist movement that does not share the basic beliefs of our democracy. The MAGA movement.”
The nation recently discovered that the FBI has a new “MAGA Extremist” category. All this hard work by government is aimed at “preserving democracy.” Clinton is particularly concerned about the small extremist “tail” wagging the House Republican caucus, and destroying not only decorum, but the institution itself.
It is tempting to be mildly entertained by all of this, but as Tho Bishop noted “Weak regimes are particularly dangerous.” The Western/NATO/Blackrock conversation about Ukraine turned to “next steps” many

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