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US Economy – Ongoing Distortions

  Business under Pressure A recent post by Mish points to the fact that many of the business-related data that have been released in recent months continue to point to growing weakness in many parts of the business sector. We show a few charts illustrating the situation below: A long term chart of total business sales. The recent decline seems congruent with a recession, but many other indicators are not yet confirming a recession – click to enlarge. Wholesale inventories to sales...

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Gold Stocks Break Out

  No Correction Yet Photo via Museo del Oro / Bogota Late last week the HUI Index broke out to new highs for the move, and so did the XAU (albeit barely, so it did not really confirm the HUI’s breakout as of Friday). Given that gold itself has not yet broken out to a new high for the move, it would normally be expected to do so, as Jordan Roy-Byrne argues here. The chart below shows the situation as of Friday (HUI, HUI-gold ratio and gold): The HUI and the HUI-gold ratio have broken...

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Gold – The Best Defense Strategy

  The War on Cash is on! If you are used to making visits to your bank to make your credit card payments, you may find this no longer an option in the future. Some banks are no longer accepting (or limiting their acceptance) of cash deposits. The war on cash forges on. Paper money, which is indeed more or less worthless, is slowly being taken out of circulation and being replaced by digital currency. This shift presents of course the same fundamental problem as paper money itself:...

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