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The Critical Race Theory Controversy

10 days ago

Conservatives and progressives are at it again. They are attacking each other big time over whether Critical Race Theory should be taught in secondary schools and colleges and universities. The fundraising appeals are flying, as each side exhorts people to send in their donations to support whichever side is sending out the fundraising appeal.
The controversy is no different in principle from one that entails, say, whether students should wear uniforms in public schools. Or whether colleges and universities should be permitted to praise Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in courses about the Civil War.
Why do I find all this conservative-progressive back-and-forth boring and tedious? Because it’s just an endless exercise in trying to make statism work. 

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Death and Libertarianism

25 days ago

Whenever a government program or policy produces deaths of innocent people, the way I figure it is that that makes it incumbent on libertarians to take a firm stand against such programs and policies. We all know that there are all sorts of government regulations that deprive people of liberty that we libertarians need to oppose. Recent examples include mandatory lockdowns and mask mandates. But there is something about the finality of death that makes government programs and policies that produce death something much more significant than a regulatory crackdown on liberty.
I just came across an article that talks about the mutilated corpses of nine men on a highway on the Mexican side of the U.S. border in South Texas. That discovery came five days after “the

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The Tyranny of the Covid-19 Eviction Moratorium

26 days ago

The U.S. Supreme Court recently permitted the eviction moratorium established by the Centers for Disease Control to continue, at least until July 31, when the CDC plans to lift it. The Court wrongly decided the matter. It should have immediately lifted the moratorium.
Historically, governments have held “inherent” police powers to protect the health of the citizenry. But the federal government is different. It was never intended to have inherent powers. Our American ancestors would never have accepted the Constitution if it was calling into existence a government with inherent powers. 
Instead, the powers of the federal government are limited to those enumerated in the Constitution. If a power isn’t enumerated, it cannot be legally exercised. 
The Constitution

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End the Draft Permanently

June 19, 2021

Recently the U.S. Supreme Court declined to consider a challenge to the all-male draft. The plaintiffs in the case argued that excluding women from the draft was unconstitutional. Apparently the Court is simply letting Congress decide the issue. 
I’ve got an idea — an idea grounded in freedom. How about abolishing the draft — and, of course, draft registration? In fact, better yet, how about enacting a constitutional amendment prohibiting the draft from ever being enacted again?
Young people might think the matter is irrelevant, given that there hasn’t been conscription since the Vietnam War. That is naive, wishful, and dangerous thinking. Every 18-year-old male is required, on pain of a felony conviction, to register for the draft. The reason? Because in the

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Kamala Harris and the Same Old Immigration Nonsense

June 12, 2021

Vice-President Kamala Harris got jeered in Guatemala, and deservedly so, after telling the Guatemalan people, “Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border.” 
At the same time, the Biden administration is promising $4 billion in foreign aid to the Guatemalan government. Apparently the idea is that by bribing Guatemalan officials with lots of U.S. taxpayer money, the Guatemalan government will crack down and prevent Guatemalans from leaving the country and heading north.
At the very least, we can see one important thing — that Democrats and liberals are as fervent believers in immigration controls as Republicans and conservatives. Oh, sure, they might favor enforcing the immigration laws in ways that are different from

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U.S. Hypocrisy on Display on Belarus

May 25, 2021

U.S. officials are shocked and outraged over the forced landing of a passenger airliner in Belarus. The airliner contained a passenger named Roman Protasevich, a 26-year-old man who was traveling from Greece to Lithuania. Protasevich is a Belarusian dissident who is playing a major role in the fight against Belarus’s brutal dictator Aleksandr G. Lukashenko. Fearing imminent arrest, Protasevich fled the country in 2019. He has been continuing the fight against Lukashenko from outside the country.
As the plane carrying Protasevich to Lithuania was crossing Belarusian air space, Lukashenko, knowing that Protasevich was onboard, ordered a Belarusian fighter jet to approach the airline and order it to land in Belarus. After the pilot complied and landed the plane,

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Ban Paternalistic Government

May 16, 2021

What is it about paternalists that prevents them from minding their own business? They are obsessed with minding everyone else’s business and, even worse, using the power of government to force people to live their lives the way paternalists want them to live them.
Look at the war on drugs. For our entire lives, paternalists have used the force of government, at the both the federal and state level, to punish people for putting substances in their mouths that haven’t been approved by our federal and state masters. 
But what business is it of some politician or bureaucrat what I put into my mouth? Why should they have the authority to punish me for putting something in my mouth that I wish to ingest?
The paternalist says: “Jacob, that substance that you’re putting

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A Woke CIA … or a Free, Peaceful, and Prosperous Society?

May 12, 2021

There is a battle currently going on over whether the CIA should be woke or not. The battle was  apparently incited by a recent segment of a social media series issued by the CIA entitled “Humans of CIA.” According to an article in yesterday’s Washington Post, Susan Gordon, deputy director of national intelligence from 2017-2019, says that the aim of the series is to “connect to America, and if they’re lucky, attract new talent.”
Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo went on the attack, exclaiming, “We can’t afford to risk our national security to appease some liberal, woke agenda.” Republican Senator Ted Cruz weighed in: “My point is that CIA agents should be bad-asses — not woke, fragile flowers.”

They upset Gordon, who responded in her article, “As a woman, I am

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Planned Chaos in Immigration

April 6, 2021

REMINDER: Our zoom conference “The National Security State and the JFK Assassination” continues this Wednesday at 7 pm Eastern. To attend the conference, just register at our conference page. A zoom link will be sent to you.
We are now moving into the medical-evidence portion of the conference. Our first presenter will be Douglas Horne, who served on the staff of the Assassination Records Review Board and who is the author of the watershed 5-volume book Inside the Assassination Records Review Board. Doug has pre-recorded his talk. It is 2 hours and 45 minutes long.
We have posted Doug’s speech online. Please watch it before Wednesday. That is your homework! But I promise: No pop quizzes! If you watch it beforehand, you will get much more out of the session, which

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Free Meng Wanzhou

March 11, 2021

Reminder: Our online conference “The National Security State and the Kennedy Assassination” continues today, Wednesday, March 10, at 7 pm Eastern time. We now have 650 registrations. This week’s speaker is Michael Swanson, author of the book The War State: The Cold War Origins Of The Military-Industrial Complex And The Power Elite, 1945-1963 and his newly released book Why the Vietnam War?
When it comes to Chinese business executive Meng Wanzhou, President Biden needs to do the right thing immediately. He needs to instruct the Justice Department to drop all criminal charges against her. She is just one more victim of President Trump’s and the U.S. government’s vicious foreign policy against both Iran and China.
Meng is under house arrest in Canada. On December

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Kennedy’s Policy Toward Third World Nations

March 6, 2021

Last night, we had the first presentation in our online conference “The National Security State and the Kennedy Assassination.” Our first speaker was James DiEugenio, who has been the leading figure in the JFK assassination research community  highlighting how President Kennedy’s policy toward independence movements in Third World countries was contrary to the policy held by the U.S. national-security establishment, namely the Pentagon and the CIA.
After World War II, the federal government was converted from a limited-government republic to a national-security state. This was when the U.S. government, specifically the CIA, acquired the powers of assassination and regime change. 
The justification for this monumental change in America’s governmental structure,

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Just Leave Cuba Alone

February 24, 2021

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is your prime example of a standard Washington, D.C., politician. As such, as president he will just accept the status quo, defer to the national-security establishment, and do his best to make the welfare-warfare state function efficiently.
That means that the U.S. policy of interventionism and regime change toward Cuba will continue to remain the same as it has been since Cuban revolutionaries ousted the U.S. dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959 and ended up replacing him with Fidel Castro and a communist regime.
That’s unfortunate, but not surprising. Donald Trump, of course, was no different. Neither were Obama, the two Bushes, and Clinton, While there are slight variations, Republicans and Democrats have always had the same mindset

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National School Choice Week Is Not About Freedom

January 31, 2021

This week conservatives are celebrating national “School Choice Week.” According to the website of this celebration, “School choice means giving parents access to the best K-12 education options for their children. These options include traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online academies, and homeschooling.” The “school choice” concept, of course, encompasses “school vouchers,” a program that conservatives have long supported.
This school-choice celebration provides a valuable lesson in how the school voucher program  — and, to a larger extent, the entire reform-oriented segment within the libertarian movement — has adversely impacted the libertarian movement.
The libertarian philosophy
Libertarianism is a pure,

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Where Did the US Government Get the Power to Assassinate People?

September 11, 2020

In an August editorial, the New York Times called for an investigation into the attack on Russian dissident Aleksei Navalny, who was recently transported to Germany in a coma after apparently being poisoned.
No one knows who did the poisoning, but the Times has strong suspicions:
A hit on so prominent a figure, with the inevitable eruption of global and domestic fury, would presumably require sanction from the highest echelons of power….Mr. Putin has certainly shown no qualms about striking at foes at home and abroad. But it is equally possible that some other shadowy figure in the Russian kleptocracy decided to silence him. Ramzan Kadyrov, the strongman of the Chechen Republic within Russia, for one, is believed to be responsible for several assassinations, most

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