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Ep – 34 The BearLord: A Recession Cometh

20 days ago

We welcome Travis Kimmel, AKA the Dollar Fatalist, the Wizard of Web1, the Crusher of Cryptocurrency dreams, and our favorite moniker, the illustrious BearLord, onto the Gold Exchange Podcast!
Travis joins Keith to talk about Bitcoin acolytes’ underlying Marxist philosophy, interest rate hikes, balance sheets, and so much more. Listen in to hear what the famous BearLord thinks about whether a recession cometh, and why it’s insanity to hike rates in this market. This is a must-see episode!
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Show Notes
Zombie article
Keith Swiss GDP article
Stateless vs Stateful
Credit Gradient article
Travis: If you make a perfect store value, it would mean that that thing, it’s one unit is now pinned to all

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How Much is the Gold Cube Worth?

March 17, 2022

Listen to the audio version of this article here.
Here at Monetary Metals we love providing investors with A Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold®. So when we heard that German artist Niclas Castello designed a 186 kilogram pure 24-karat gold cube called the “Castello Cube” as an art installation in the middle of Central Park we couldn’t help but start doing a little math on Mr. Castello’s art piece.
How Much is the Gold Cube Worth?
Most people when they see the gold cube immediately want to know how much it’s worth in dollars. So they look up the dollar price of gold and multiply it by how many ounces (or grams) are in the cube. That’s fine. We get it. But we have a different approach. Because we pay interest on gold and silver, what something is worth is a function of

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How Not to Think About Gold

February 1, 2022

Monetary Metals has been covering gold and silver markets for over ten years. Throughout that time, there’s been no shortage of new and old commentators talking about the drivers of gold and silver prices.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of this analysis is just plain wrong.
Whether it’s a company trying to sell you something, or a big investment bank. Gold and silver defy conventional commodity analysis. And plotting the gold price against the money supply, or interest rates, won’t work either.
Over the years, we’ve catalogued and debunked the worst offenders. The perma-bulls and the perma-bears. The so called theories and the non-theories. Until now, all this research was scattered across hundreds of different articles and website. We’ve compiled it all into

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Episode 26: Gold in the Time of Coronavirus

January 15, 2022

This week’s episode of the Gold Exchange Podcast, Keith Weiner interviews independent precious metals advisor Claudio Grass. Claudio explains his sound money origin story and how the rest of the world understands gold vs Americans’ understanding. The wide ranging conversation spans everything from history, to covid lockdowns, to how societies change, to our relationship to money and even political principles and philosophy.
Highlights from the episode include:
-Independent thinkers are drawn to gold once they investigate our credit monetary system
-Keith explains his “sniff test” on housing and macro economic policies
-The United States is the last domino to fall in the global economic collapse but has nowhere to turn
–MMT and central planning and fiat currency

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Palisades Gold Radio Interview

October 13, 2021

Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner was back on the Palisades Gold Radio podcast being interviewed by Tom Bodrovics. Keith revealed one key feature that gold has, which bitcoin does not.
[embedded content]
First, Keith discusses how economists and experts tend to say the strangest things and most of their statements don’t pass basic scrutiny, what Keith calls the “sniff test”.
Gold has been accumulated for the last 5000 years. As a result physical scarcity is not possible. Gold is not consumed unlike other commodities like agriculture. Physical supply shortages are only possible at a particular price. Backwardation occurs in metals when people want to hold their gold more than dollars. Keith argues that because we don’t see backwardation often means the price cannot

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