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Europe Comes Apart, And That’s Before #4

In May 2018, the European Parliament found that it was incredibly popular. Commissioning what it calls the Eurobarameter survey, the EU’s governing body said that two-thirds of Europeans inside the bloc believed that membership had benefited their own countries. It was the highest showing since 1983. Voters in May 2019 don’t appear to have agreed with last year’s survey. For the first time since 1979, Social Democrats...

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Indian elections start today

Understanding what is at stake and what it means for markets as the world's largest elections commence.Today, India’s 2019 general elections to determine the next Lok Sabha (the lower house) kick off. India is divided into 543 constituencies, each represented by one member of the Lok Sabha. The party or the coalition that wins a simple majority (272 seats) will form the government. Nearly 900 million voters across the nation will head to election booths to cast their votes over the next five...

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Spain: new elections increasingly likely

If Pedro Sanchez loses tomorrow's confidence vote, and if political parties fail to form a new government over the next two months, new general elections would be called. Risks to the recovery may surface if political uncertainties remain entrenched. Yesterday, Pedro Sanchez, the PSOE leader, lost the first investiture vote. A second vote will take place on Friday, 4 March. The threshold will be less demanding as only a simple majority is needed. Even so, Sanchez’s chances of winning the...

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Europe’s New Worry: Portugal

In July, six months after Greece elected a left-wing, anti-austerity government, the country came perilously close to leaving the euro. So it’s easy to understand why markets are nervous at the prospect of Portugal, a poster child for European austerity, replacing its reform-friendly, center-right government with a left-wing, anti-austerity coalition. The yield on 10-year Portuguese government bonds jumped 53 basis points to peak at 2.83  percent on November 9 since the ruling Social...

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