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The Company Is a Family Affair

They seldom make headlines, and yet they employ four out of every ten workers in Switzerland: Family firms are a pillar of the Swiss economy.  The business section of most newspapers rarely reports on their doings. They communicate little about themselves, and few researchers explore them. They are...

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“Passion is the key”

Mark Sandmeier was the first person to be employed by jobs.ch. He now spends his time helping young digital companies get on their feet. What is my job? "I'm the CEO of a start-up," says the affable man with the open face. "CEO sounds fine, but I didn't like 'Managing Director' at all," he adds...

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Inflation. A Loyal Swiss Ally

Switzerland has been classified as one of the happiest countries in the world. Commonly stated reasons for this are the sense of community, beautiful landscapes, fresh air, and clean water. Not to mention prosperity. 'Switzerland: A Financial Market History', by the Credit Suisse Research Institute in partnership with leading experts from the London...

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Roger’s Way: The Swiss Frame of Mind

His Midas touch prevails off court as well as on. Not only has he won 100 million US dollars in tennis prizes over the past two decades, Roger Federer has also struck gold in sponsoring, management and more – not always in a conventional way. As a sportsman, his feats are blindingly obvious: "best...

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