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How to invest for your children in 2021?

November 16, 2021

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Even before my son was born, I knew I was going to invest for my children. It is a great idea to invest for your children, and it makes a lot more sense than to let money rests on a bank account with very low interest rates.
However, until recently, I never worried about how to achieve that. Once my son was born, it was time to research the best way to invest for my children! And I found a great way to do so.
In this article, I will share how you can invest for your children and what I am going to do for mine.

Why invest for your children?
First, you may wonder why invest for your children in the first place. That is a good question.
Most parents will gift some money over time to their children and then give it to them once

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Fourth year of blogging – Summary

November 9, 2021

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The Poor Swiss blog just turned four years old last month. Funny enough, I forgot about this birthday this year. It is why this article pops up in November instead of the usual October.
The fourth year of blogging has had very mixed results. I have continued to write regularly, updated many articles, and translated many others. I believe the content is in a good place. Unfortunately, my efforts did not pay off in terms of traffic since traffic is lower now than it was a year ago.
This article is a retrospective of this fourth year of blogging, and I share the numbers about this blog, what went well, and what did not go well.

The Poor Swiss in numbers
Let’s start our retrospective of my fourth year of blogging with some numbers

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October 2021 – Tiring but rewarding

November 2, 2021

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October is now over. It is time for another monthly update. This month has been very different from the months we were used to. We have to adapt to life with our baby. And every day is different.
We are still not sleeping well and have very little free time at this point. So, we are in survival mode, and we only do the things we deem necessary.
Fortunately, the baby grows well. The only issue is that he still has strong problems with digestion during the nights.
Financially, it has been a good month with reasonable expenses and a good income. So, let’s see in detail what happened.

October 2021
October was a weird month for us, the first entire month with our baby.
Our son is growing quickly and already changing. We have seen

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