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“If you increase the competition of ideas, more truth emerges”

Interview with Icaros For this interview, I have reached out to Icaros, principal author of the blog coronacircus.com. He is part of a group of liberty lovers working to build a “freedom cell” in the Swiss Alps. Before the interview, he told me the project is advancing well, as four new families have joined recently. I also happen to know him in real life, although he is completely unaffiliated to my commercial activity. His background is information technology, and he sees the...

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Gold is the money of the kings. Silver is the money of the bourgeoisie. Fiat is the money of the slaves.

Gold has been used as money (or a store of value) for thousands of years. It’s always been valuable to humans, for some reason, and it’s withstood everything history has thrown at it. Silver too. Fiat money is what we use today. It’s essentially money created out of thin air, on a spreadsheet, by banks and the government via monetary policy, and it has absolutely nothing backing it. This is why currencies come and go, such as the Zim Dollar which lasted a few decades....

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Godfrey Bloom: “The great central banking experiment has failed.”

These days, most mainstream news reports are being monopolized by the pandemic, the covid vaccine and all the new rules and lockdowns that are being enforced across the Western world, and this near-obsessive focus comes at the expense of a lot other important developments. The last story that managed to “dethrone” covid from the headlines was the US Presidential election, and even that reporting was largely through the prism of the pandemic. And yet, the earth hasn’t actually stopped...

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