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The Left’s Assault on Language Is an Assault on Freedom

February 19, 2024

George Orwell wrote, “The slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.” More colorfully and in a similar vein, it has been said that blurry words carry deplorable thinking the way mosquitoes carry malaria.
It behooves us all to pay attention when people use words deviously or manipulatively not to inform but to conceal.
How can people who are intolerant and authoritarian at every turn call themselves “liberal”? How can people wanting to regress the United States to the collectivism of the past—as socialism and fascism both devolve to feudalism over time—call themselves “progressives”?
How can one honestly use the term “affirmative action,” which is reverse racial discrimination, when discriminating on the basis of race is the

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