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Who Will Take Care of the Roads? Why, The Coercive, Substandard, and Monopolistic Government Department, That’s Who

February 29, 2024

The sight of fresh snow is always invigorating to me, so I was happy to wake up the other day to a blanket of snow—roughly three inches—on my yard. I was less happy, though, to see the same blanket still covering the street in my neighborhood. Things took an even-more disheartening turn when, a few hours later around 10 a.m., I got to the main state road at the end of my street: still snow covered, despite the relatively meager (for this area) snowfall and the fact that the storm had begun over eight hours prior and was at that point only flurries. It was then my thoughts turned, as they often do when I see such idiocy or incompetence, to government “services”—such as for road maintenance—and how they illuminate the most grotesque warts of the state: coercive

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Social Insecurity: It’s Not Wrong to be Concerned about Facts

February 20, 2024

Social Security is headed for reduced benefits, and no amount of political rhetoric or even tax increases will solve that problem. The numbers do not lie.
Original Article: Social Insecurity: It’s Not Wrong to be Concerned about Facts

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Government Schools Are Propaganda Machines

February 16, 2024

In Artis Shepherd’s recent article, which I highly recommend, he aptly detailed the numerous benefits of homeschooling and data showing that homeschooled students—far from being socially stunted, academically insular young people—are actually generally high-achieving, socially adroit young adults ready to provide value in the world.
Thus, in this commentary, I want to address a common argument against homeschooling: namely, that homeschooling is a breeding ground for propaganda—mainly “far right” political and religious ideologies—from parents and religious institutions, which is dangerous for social cohesion and democracy.
The Propaganda Problem
To begin, there is a dearth of evidence to show widespread inculcation of homeschooled students with so-called radical

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