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The Ruling Classes Are Inflation Deniers and the Ship of Fools Sails On

April 22, 2023

Continued inflation inevitably leads to catastrophe.
—Ludwig von Mises
Consumers’ behaviors cause the consumer price index (CPI) broad heading of food to understate the real or wallet level of inflation. It is much worse than the top line statistic—it is a serious offense to the poor and fixed-income citizens.
The CPI measures nominal dollar changes based on month over month and year over year for 299 items. The year ending December 2021 posted an overall CPI of 3.4 percent. Food at home was up 6.5 percent during this period. For the year ending 2022 the CPI rose 6.5 percent while food rose 10.4 percent. Compounding the two years the CPI rose 11 percent, and the food at home category rose 17.6 percent.
For this same two-year period nominal hourly wages for

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Climate Activism: The Second Children’s Crusade

April 1, 2023

The "first" Children’s Crusade of 1212 ended in tragedy for those taking part. The "second" crusade is not going to produce any happy endings, either.

Original Article: "Climate Activism: The Second Children’s Crusade"
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Climate Activism: The Second Children’s Crusade

March 24, 2023

Modern secular society embraces a new religion complete with prophets, crusaders, commandments, contrition, and even a holy land: East Anglia, United Kingdom. These congregants will behave idiosyncratically in the economy. The activist green movement increasingly parallels Western religious structure, even generating a modern version of the medieval Children’s Crusade.
Motivated by hope, the first Children’s Crusade assembled in 1212 under the preteen leadership of two boys countries apart—Stephen of Cloyes (France) and Nicholas of Cologne. One claimed a vision and the other a letter from Christ, sparking a movement to retake Jerusalem from the city’s Muslim conquerors. The boys’ preaching and zealous piety created what some historians have called mass hysteria.

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Student Loan Debt: The Financial Time Bomb Politicians Want to Ignore

October 21, 2022

Media reports claim this debt prevents economic recovery. Chuck Schumer would erase it with the flick of a pen. Elizabeth Warren would remove it to free students’ ability to buy a house and form a family. Janet Yellen opines paying off student loan debt (SLD) will free up venture capital. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims the proposed Biden plan is inadequate.
The complexities of SLD are simplified for the public by moving details into an abyss of aggregates; “average student debt,” “average unemployment” and “average wages” headline without context. Political and news media calls for money drown out one simple question: Should taxpayers rescue students from their education loans?
The Department of Education (DOE) supervises student loan program revisions. The

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