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Seth Levine: Bitcoin Doesn’t Fix Defi, Defi Fixes Bitcoin

May 2, 2021

Does Bitcoin Fix Defi (Definancialization)?
“Bitcoin fixes this.” I cringe every time I see this popular meme. I find it worse than nails on a chalkboard. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (crypto) supporters seem to wheel this tired trope out for every problem they see, particularly at economic ones. To their credit, they genuinely want to fix the financial system’s problems. I do too! However, crypto’s supporters have their subjects completely reversed.
To be sure, our modern-day financial system has problems. It’s plagued by “Too Big to Fail”, embarrassingly slow innovation, poor user experiences, and recurrent cronyism (real and perceived). Like the crypto-crowd, I see centralization as the root cause. We agree: decentralization is the only cure. We need to

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Seth Levine: How I Process Ideas Into Investments

November 20, 2020

How I Process Ideas Into Investments
Investing is incredibly hard. Mapping observations to security price movements are complex. Often, the relationships governing these moves are unknown. Yet, this is the investor’s task. I’ve used this blog as a tool for exploring some of these connections. It’s been incredibly rewarding. Not only has writing brought many of my wrong ideas to light, but it refined my process for constructing an investment portfolio. I now have an improved method for mapping themes to actual concrete positions, which I’ll illustrate here.
I’ve explored a broad spectrum of investment ideas over the years. I’ll admit, the applications aren’t always apparent. Take postmodernism’s influence in the markets. For example, what’s the trade there? How

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