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Episode 13: The Pressing Problem With “Money Printing”

2 days ago

The phrase “money printing” conjures images of a giant printing press spitting out sheets of hundred dollar bills somewhere in the basement of the Fed.
But is that what’s actually happening lately? Absolutely not.
Join John Flaherty and Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner for a conversation that will likely make you say “WOW!” or “Whaaat?” or maybe even “Oh, NOW I get it…”
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Episode Transcript
John: Hello again and welcome to the Gold Exchange podcast. I’m John Flaherty. I’m here with Keith Weiner, founder and CEO of Monetary Metals. We often hear the phrase “money printing,” and it conjures images of a giant printing press spitting out sheets of hundred dollar bills somewhere in the basement of the Fed.
But is that what is actually happening? Keith

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Episode 12: The Yield Purchasing Power Paradigm

8 days ago

Most people think in terms of purchasing power: how much can one’s cash buy?
In this week’s episode, CEO Keith Weiner & John Flaherty discuss an alternate perspective. Instead of spending your capital, what if you invested it to earn a return? What can that return buy?
Along the way you’ll learn:

The concept of yield purchasing power & its impact on investing decisions
How the Fed keeps us stuck in the purchasing power paradigm
The perverse incentives existing at the household level
How society is cannibalizing itself through speculation

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Additional Resources
Video & articles on Yield Purchasing Power
Yield Purchasing Power: $100M Today Matches $100K in 1979
Episode Transcript
John Flaherty: Hello and welcome to the Gold Exchange podcast. I’m

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Episode 11: The Common Ground Between Bitcoin & Gold

21 days ago

Is there common ground the among proponents of gold and bitcoin? John Flaherty and CEO Keith Weiner take on that question in this episode.
They also discuss:

What bitcoin has been able to accomplish that gold hasn’t
What gold and bitcoin have in common
A billionaire’s comments regarding a bitcoin bubble
Why ‘engineered money’ may give people pause

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Episode Transcript
John Flaherty: Hello and welcome again to The Gold Exchange podcast. I’m John Flaherty. I’m here with Keith Weiner, founder and CEO of Monetary Metals.
Today, we’re going to talk about bitcoin. Of course, bitcoin has been on an absolute tear recently, going from about $10,000 mark back in late summer up to north of $40,000 per coin just a few weeks ago. This price action has

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Monetary Metals Renews Financing to Investopedia’s Best Online Gold Dealer

22 days ago

Scottsdale, Ariz, February 5, 2021—Monetary Metals® announces the renewal and expansion of its gold, silver & platinum leases to Money Metals Exchange, to finance the Idaho-based business’ bullion inventory.
Money Metals Exchange (no relationship to Monetary Metals) was recently named “Best Overall Online Gold Dealer” for 2021 by Investopedia.
Monetary Metals has a disruptive model, obtaining precious metals from investors and leasing it to qualified companies who pay to use it, typically for inventory or work-in-progress. The investors benefit by earning interest on their metal, rather than paying to store it.
Participating investors on these gold, silver and platinum leases are now earning 2.2%-2.5% on their precious metals, paid in additional metal. Money

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The Problem with Record-Low Interest Rates

January 19, 2021

Are you familiar with the GoldNewsletter podcast? They boast over 200 episodes on the topics of investment, economics, and geopolitics.
This week, hosts Fergus Hodgson & Brien Lundin interviewed Monetary Metals’ CEO Keith Weiner on the topic of falling interest rates and how cheap borrowing comes at the expense of capital productivity.
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Episode 8: Why The Dollar Isn’t Money – PART 2

January 13, 2021

In a prior episode, we introduced the distinction between money and fiat currency, discussing what gives the dollar – or any fiat currency – its value. Now, we continue that conversation discussing additional characteristics of money, and illustrate how a false definition of money can lead to a corrupt state that wields blank checks.
In this episode:

Essential characteristics of money
Thinking like a monetary scientist
Friction in money & credit
Why marginal utility matters so much
Insights from the habits of humans – and gold – over 5000 years

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Episode Transcript
John Flaherty: Hello, everyone, and welcome again to the Gold Exchange podcast. I’m John Flaherty and I’m here with Keith Wiener, founder and CEO of Monetary Metals. In the last

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Monetary Metals Issues World’s First Gold Bond Since 1933

January 7, 2021

Scottsdale, Ariz, January 6, 2021—Monetary Metals® is pleased to announce the issuance of a bond paying principal and interest in gold. The term is one year, and the interest rate on invested gold is 13%.  According to company CEO Keith Weiner, Ph.D., it is the first proper gold bond in 87 years.
The proceeds fund a loan to Western Australia gold-mining company Shine Resources, enabling the firm to put its Chameleon project into production. Monetary Metals has performed extensive due diligence on both Shine Resources and the Chameleon project.
Why a Gold Bond Now? 
Before 1933, bonds were payable in gold. In those days, gold financed productive enterprise. However, since then, gold had been relegated to gathering dust in a vault. Investors could not earn a return

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