Monday , November 19 2018
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Nachhaltige Rendite

"Nachhaltigkeit? Im Prinzip schon, aber die Rendite?" Wir geben Antworten auf die Frage der nachhaltigen Rendite.

Christoph Gosdenoz considers the following as important:

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“Nachhaltigkeit? Im Prinzip schon, aber die Rendite?” Wir geben Antworten auf die Frage der nachhaltigen Rendite.

Christoph Gosdenoz
Director of Swiss Financial Studies and member of the Swiss Financial Studies advisory board with more than 10 years of international professional experience. Before founding the Institute of Applied Financial Studies Christoph has worked in entrepreneurial finance, investment analysis, impact finance, mergers and acquisitions and risk management. Former employers include UBS in Zurich and in Mexico as well as BNP

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