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Dong Chen considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too: Treffpunkt der Finanzwelt writes Ebrahim Attarzadeh: «Wir brauchen eine andere Aktienkultur» Treffpunkt der Finanzwelt writes Revolut liegt in Deutschland weit hinter dem Plan zurück Treffpunkt der Finanzwelt writes Gerichtsurteil: USA erhalten 110 Millionen Dollar aus der Schweiz

Marc Chandler writes FX Daily, November 27: Dollar Offered Ahead of the Weekend

衝紅燈 上水掃管埔路
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Dong Chen
Dong Chen is senior Asia economist, Pictet Wealth Management. - Twelve years of working experience in macroeconomic research - Extensive knowledge about asset allocation and multi-asset class portfolios - Rich client-facing experiences with high-net-worth clients across Asia - Rigorous training in economics and comprehensive knowledge about Asian economies and business - Strong analytical skills and solid background in statistical/econometric analysis - Strong communication / presentation skills - Native Mandarin Chinese speaker and fluent in English Do not hesitate to contact Pictet for an investment proposal. Please contact Zurich Office, the Geneva Office or one of 26 other offices world-wide.

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